Top 18 Latest Best Manhwa To Read Before 2021


18 Best Recommended Manhwa you should read before 2021

These latest Best manhwas are released this year and all are worth reading because of their interesting Manhwa stories. All Manhwa are very popular recently and worth reading before 2021.

18. Murim login

Summary-  In this story an F-rank hunter Jin Tae-Kyung who brought a VR game capsule to his home and accidentally login into the game, which is set in the world of martial arts, and if he died during the game he can also die in the real world. The strength and skills that he gained in the martial world were able to carry over back to the real world. This allows him to continue making living as a hunter…but he also decides to return back to the game for his NPC friends.

17. Uglyhood

Summary- The world is taken over by a crazy religion, and to stop it I have to do something and become their satan. The religion is controlled by some alien species, and people don’t know about it. The world says that there is no alien exist in the world but they are everywhere. How I know all about it? Because I am also an alien.

16. Taming master

Summary- Killan is a best known VR game in the world, Lan is a Level 93 Archer in the top leaderboards of the game, Lan decides to delete his character despite everyone around him telling not to delete. All to change into a hidden class he obtained by luck. He bet with his college professor if he did not reach level 100 in two months then he gets an F in college. So the journey of the “Taming Master” starts here! 

15. Max level returner

Summary- For the first time in the history of 22 years, Yoon Sang-Hyuk cleared the world,s worst survival game. He also is the strongest player in the game and  one who possesses all reward of the game even those items those no one else could earn has come back. 

14. Rooftop sword master

Summary- After being beaten up by his eight classmates he ends up in the hospital and becomes comatose. Se’Young woke up after nine months and found out that his parents had died by committing suicide by self-immolation in an attempt justice for him. But all students not get punished due to their rich and political background. Se young hide in a rooftop apartment, but one day a strange sound enticed him to open the door… there he saw a giant blade emblazoned with the words “War Sword”.

13. Overgeared

Summary- Young-woo shin, Username Grid in the VR game. Bad luck always revolves around him, but he stumbles across a job during a quest, the strongest and hidden class legendary job out of over Two billion people.

12. The Max level hero returned

Summary- The weak prince of a powerful country, Davey. After becoming comatose, his soul travels to the place where all heroes gathered. He trained for 1000 years there and has now returned to the original world as a “Max level hero”. The refreshing story of the prince of the royal family and his revenge has just begun.

11. The descent of the demonic master

Summary- The first life, after an accident losing his family and legs, he ends up his own life. In the 2nd life, he became the Red Demonic Master in Zhongyuan but was betrayed by his own man. And now reborn in his third life. In his life back to the normal world… however, he was too used to the previous life to become a simple person!.

10. The great mage returns after 4000 years

Summary-  The worst student of Westford academy, the disgrace of the Blake House.  A well-known magician enters the body of Frey Blake, the boy who couldn't handle his harsh life and chose death instead of fight with it. "What with this body? I will have to know every little detail about it. " The Great Mage Lucas Trauma. He now has the chance at revenge by gaining the flesh and bones of Frey Blake! And now begins the adventures and revengeful journey of the Great Mage who returned after 4000 years!

09. The rebirth of an 8th circle wizard

Summary-Henry Morris was an 8-circle wizard who was a legend-one of the founding fathers who helped his friend become the king of a unified empire. After the son of the old lord took over the throne, Henry was executed with the false charges of leading a rebellion against the empire and make him drink the poison.

08. God of Blackfield

Summary-In this story when MC was saved by a mysterious power and woke up 3 years later in the land of South Korea. However, he was reborn in the body of another "Kang chan" a 19-year-old boy who is bullied in his school. To find out the truth behind his rebirth journey starts now. 

07. The beginning after the end of 2nd season

Summary- Reincarnated into a  brand new world stuffed with magic and monsters, the King has a second chance to relive his life with no past regrets he made in his previous life. Underneath the peace and harmony of the new world is an undercurrent threatening to destroy everything he has worked for in his new life, questioning his role to god and reason for being born again in this world.

06. Sword sheath's child


Summary- Bira is a child who loves fishing on his own and living with his dwarf grandfather. One day, his grandfather tells Bira to wait for him in the Northern part of the forest and disappears to nowhere and never comes back. Bira waits for his grandfather for so many years living in the forest, just as his grandfather had warned him to do. By chance, he meets and saves Tanyu's life and later becomes good friends with him. After knowing his friend going on a very dangerous mission, Bira leaves the forest for the outside world to save his Tanyu from danger…

05. Record of the war god

Summary-The story starts with Mu Soh Wol who opens his eyes 20 years later to stops the cults to dominate the midlands and be reborn in another person's body. In his past he is known as the "The legend of the war god" forgotten in time has begun once more...

04. Omniscient reader's viewpoint

Summary- This is a development that I know of: The moment he thought that the world had been destroyed, and a new universe had unfolded. The new life of ordinary normal readers begins within the world of the novel that he used to read daily, a novel that he alone had finished.

03. Nano machine

Summary- The story starts with an orphan of a demonic cult, Cheon Yeo-Woon. His descendent comes from the past and helps him to exterminate assassins which tried to kill him and give him an ultimate "Nano machine" system which helps him to become strongest in the martial world.

02. Magic emperor

Summary- The story starts with Zhuo Yifan once was a magic emperor or also known as the demon emperor. He had an emperor book called the Book of Nine Secrets, he was betrayed by his own disciples and all experts of the martial world for the book. Then he accidentally reborn in the low-class family as a butler and now he regrown his cultivation and make his low-class family an upper-class family and become best in the havens...

01. Legend of northern blade

Summary- Northen heavenly Sect is made to disappear the darkness from the world. after successfully eradicate the darkness from the world, people enjoy their peace once again. However, as time passed martial artists has begun to conspire against the sect, and the sect leader killed by them. The son of the sect leader leaves alive because he never learned martial art but he knows the martial arts secret that secretly left behind by his father and begun the martial arts journey to get revenge for his father. 

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