Top 15 Strong Female MC Manga To Read


Manga Where MC is Female and Also Strong

These are the manga where Female mc are strong and take the main lead in the manga. These are some manga that is mainly focused on the female MC character and their deeds.

15. Freezing

Summary- Species from the different dimensions of space have started a war with mankind. To fight this threat an academy called “Genetics”  that trains female warriors called the “Pandora”, who have the special powers to wield special weapons and armors which help them to defeat the other-dimensional species. It's an amazing story of a female MC to read how they fight with the alien species with help of other pandoras.

14. The ghostly doctor

Summary- She is the leader of the hidden sect and which is specializes in poisons and in assassination. After she died from an accident, she was reborn as a disfigured lady. Having reborn in a different body she finds out about her and starts to revenge on those who caused harm to her with her previous life experiences.

13. Beware of the villainess

Summary- A refreshing, unique story of a villainess who’s been dropped in the world of a novel, only to overthrow it! The story a unique villainess, who intends to kick out all the sick male leads, and a wolf only yarns on her!

12. The evil lady will change

Summary- Athanasia Cloix, a woman who was the Duke's daughter and the queen of the circles and a personality near to perfection. Due to some rumors, people start to criticize her. As she suffered through unfortunate events, she has to agree to a political marriage with the winter comer who is known as the “Northern Monster”. 

11. Pupillary master

Summary- In her previous life, Luo Quigtong was a renowned assassin. But she magically crossed from the real world to another world. She reborn in the genius miss of the Luo mansion of a small country. After regaining the previous Host’s memories she set on the journey of revenge and cultivation.

10. Cheating men must die

Summary- Our Female MC Su Luxia is bound by the female counterattack system and transmigrates from one world to another world. Using elaborate means, she beats up countless cheating bastard and the bicthes. Her system helps her to make her host trap into her humanity to beat them.

09. Mind reading princess

Summary-  In this our Female mc used to betrayed and tortured by her husband and also by her sister, she died in a very despairing condition and wondering why she couldn’t have seen though them earlier? 

08. Shen Yi di nu

Summary- divine doctor in both Chinese and western medicine Feng Yu Heng suddenly reborn in another world and became the abused first wife’s daughter of a Da Shun Dynasty in a fraction of seconds.   As the pharmacy from the past life is always with her and so fame, fortune easy for her to get. But due to some circumstances, she got engaged to a disfigured lame prince and also wanting to help her to labor capital to gain the world?

07. A beauty a fatal concubine

Summary- In this story female MC rebirth and come back, Mu Yunyao believes in the three points: firstly, don’t ever kind to others ; secondly, remove any source of the trouble; thirdly, don’t believe anyone's true feelings. So, she is very ruthless. Instead of enduring she rips the world upside down. But after these whole encounters, there is always a prince who always following her around and wanting to marry her… 

06. The queen is busy

Summary- In this story, our FemaleMC Qing Tian was suddenly transported to another unknown world. At first, she thought she could adjust in the battle of harems, but she got shocked when she finds out that she is the queen! 

05. The knight and her emperor

Summary- Knight Pollyanna comes face to face with the king who finally recognized her worth. “I LIKE HARD WORK because I am one”, Luxos 2 declared his vision and she moved by his vision Pollyanna vows to fight in his honor and together they set out to build up the great empire. But what happens when the king realizes, battle after battle that stalwart knight has conquered his heart?

04. Zero game

Summary- The story starts with a female MC a young girl as she participates in the survival game with the ultimate price of rebuilding their own life to be better than the previous one she had. And the price of losing the game is death!

03. Phoenix against the world

Summary- The story starts with Female MC Huang Bei is an assassin that got transported to another unknown world thanks to a mysterious jade and boundless beast! Now she reborn in the body of the king's little sister, Who is constantly bullied! Now she starts to take her revenge one by one!

02. Miao Shou xian dan

Summary- The path of becomes immortal in the cultivation world of an unparalleled girl with unique powers. Although it’s a shoujo manga there is no lack of fighting in it…

01. Peerless alchemist

Summary-  she is the last cultivator of the 24th century, however, due to some certain circumstances she happened to be reborn in another world, into another body which has family oppressing her and a scumbag fiance abusing and stepping over her.. but know those who follow her will prosper and those who oppose her will die! Behold she pays back those who attempt to climb on her!

These are the top 15 Female mc manga toread hope you like it...

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