BEST High School Fight Manga

 Where MC Became High School Boss

High school boss manga are those mangas in which school life of fighters who fight with each other to become top fighters in the school and those who make them suffer they get smacked by them.


10. Super rich

Genres- Webtoons, Drama, School life.


High School Fight Manga

Summary- Daeho Han has known as the best fighter among his high school. Jihoon Han is a very genius individual, hiding his identity for personal reasons. To become the top 0.01% “super-rich” class, they begin to collect money using a method no one could have to ever think about….


09. Boss in school

Genres- Drama, School life, Action.

High School Fight Manga


Summary- Growing up as a child, Seth Kang had always gotten himself into fights with all sorts of other students. Now in Youngjin high school, Seth tries to keep his mother’s promise never to get into a fight again. Yet following his father’s wish, Seth faces his new rivals as tougher than before. 


08. Action idols- Age of young dragons

Genres- Martial arts, Action, School life.

High School Fight Manga


 Summary- After the suspicious death of her brother, Zena Han decides to continue her training to become a top martial arts student so that she can be accepted into a clan and obtain the title of an action idol. She transferred to a new school and soon finds herself barreling down a path where power and truth can be uncovered.


07. Legend: The beginning

Genres- Drama, School life, Action.

High School Fight Manga


Summary- New guy Chun Mudeok is determined to make it through high school without causing any trouble. On his first day the high school he’s beaten up by a gang member from his school, but rescued by a classmate, Han Yongjae. At Mokin high school they all fight for the title of the king, and Chun has to intrest joining too. 

06. High school devil

Genres- - Drama, School life, Action.


Summary- He has gotten the nickname the High school devil. After his mother passed away he changed his name and moved schools, but high school gang members do still not leave him alone…….


05. Tokyo revengers

Genres- School life, Romance, Action.


Summary- A 26-year-old man gets into an accident while mulling over the death of his high school girlfriend. He wakes up back in his middle school years determined to after the future and saves the girl. To do so, he aims to become the strongest delinquent in Kantou, thus beginning a fighting journey.


04. The breaker: New waves

Genres- Drama, Martial arts, Action.

                                     High School Fight Manga

Summary- Yi Shioon used to be a very simple schoolboy until he met a man how introduced him to the world of murim. Sadly, Shioon failed to meet expectations and is now an expelled disciple of the martial arts realm. Yet by a turn of events, a certain heirloom medallion ties his fate to the powerful Sunwoo clan.


03. Greatest outcast

Genres- Drama, Martial arts, Action.

High School Fight Manga


Summary- Kang Haneul is a weak and helpless schoolboy who can’t even save his only friend. With the help of schoolmates Lee Ha Ru and her uncle, Hansel begins his lessons on self-defense. A flashback story on how a teen boy becomes a violent fighter punishing scumbags that cross his path.


02. Ultimate legend- Kang Hae Hyo

Genres- Martial arts, Action.

High School Fight Manga


Summary- Kang Hae Hyo is a lonely high school student who is often every time beaten up. He is chosen together with his rivals to attend the government school for troublemakers. A harassed boy’s rough and tumble adventure in the secluded ultimate high school for delinquents!   

01. Sugarless

Genres-  School life, Martial arts, Action.


High School Fight Manga

Summary- Kujima high school, also known as “Windmill”, is known for having the strongest fighters. Shiba Gaku is a freshman at this school who hopes to defeat Aramaki Itaru, the current top dog. However, Gaku is not yet even close to his level and he will have to fight many others on his way.

These are the best high school fight manga which you should read. if you like this list then please share and comment. 


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