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 Top 10 Best Magic Manga To Read.

This is my own research on manga and these are highly recommended for the magic manga.

10. The magic chef of ice and fire 
 Genres - food, magic, adventure.

Description- Nian Bing is the son of a fire and ice mage, whose parents are killed by the ice lord. While escaping from the Ice lord's minions, Nian Bing is found and saved by an old master who mixes magic and cuisine. Seeking revenge for his family, Nian Bing trains to become a chef mage, putting his ice and fire magic to good use and became powerful enough to take revenge.

09. Divine throne
Genres - fantasy, action, magic, supernatural.

Description- The story starts with a world which is rising with the demons and mankind became small in population. Six temples rose and protect the last of mankind. A young boy becomes a temple night to save his mother. During his unique adventures and life and death experiences in the war world, will he was able to become the strongest knight and inherit the divine throne?

08. Magic emperor
Genres - webtoon, magic, fantasy.

Description- This story starts with Demon emperor Zhou Yifan because he had an old emperor’s book called the book of nine secrets which make him Demon emperor, he was targeted by all the experts to get the book of nine secrets from al over the world, and he was even backstabbed and killed by his disciples. Then his soul enters and comes back to life in a family servant boy named Zhou fan. Because some demonic magic is making him hold back, he must unite the child’s memories and cannot ignore the problems of family and the mistress he serves. How can he lead this low-grade family back to the top of this continent!

07. My wife is a demon queen
Genres - adventure, fantasy, magic, webtoon.

Description- A normal powerless male is entrusted to look after the fallen demon queen Isabella to save from disaster. Her powers were stolen from her, Isabella is forced to live as a human and suppress her real status. Evil masterminds make plans and strategies to dethrone a demon queen in medieval fantasy land.

06. Seven knights: Alkaid
Genres - webtoon,  shounen, magic.

Description- This series follows the amnesic Albert tense, the second king of Tanesia, who must find the saintess and the seven fragment Alkiad which were stolen by the unknown enemy to prevent the world from descending into another disastrous war with each other.

05. Soul contract
Genres - shounen, drama, romance, magic.

Description- Jinghua is an unlucky man who has lost his parents and dies in a street accident. He was born as a mere soul in the human world and forms a pact with the exorcist Duanmu xi. With his newly borrowed powers, he joins Dunmu xi in his job while forming a deeper understanding with his master.

04. The second coming of gluttony
Genres - supernatural, action, seinen, adventure, fantasy.

Description-  This story starts with the MC who was an addict, a loser, a despicable human being. But, recall a dream that may not have been a dream at all reawakens his lost senses. Possessing a unique ability within his eyes, he would use that, and the dream, to make his path in the world now known as the unknown paradise.

03. I am the sorcerer-king
Genres - supernatural, magic, Shounen, webtoons.

Description- In a fictional Korea, citizens bestowed with powers by the entity Ahkasha can fight monsters. Lee Donghoon is struggling for money who discovers his past life as the sorcerer kuratauras and became a very powerful image. With new monsters invaded into his country, Donghoon awakens his powers to save his city from chaos and make his way for the top mage hunter.

02. A returner’s magic should be special
Genres – fantasy, adventure, action, magic.

Description - Desir and his team are the last survivors of humankind and they just failed to save the world. Instead of dying, he was reborn back three years before the attack of the shadow world happened. With a chance to change the future from happening, Desir must gather all-powerful comrades to save all humankind.

O1. Black haze
Genres – magic, school life, comedy.

Description – Young teen Rood is an anti-social black magician who does odd missions for clients. He gets a mission to help a student get through his studies in a prestigious magic school and become his comrade given by the student mother. Rood experiences his school life for the first time in Helios Academy while hiding his true identity others.  

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